A Message from the Founder of DUGTalks

In July 2017, I hosted my first talk with 50 Central Florida engineers who would soon call themselves the Data User Group (DUG). In a region where one in 10 people is a degreed engineer, dozens of us would gather for beers after work to explore the hottest open-source technologies popularized by the most innovative global companies.

“DUGTalks” is now a monthly tradition. At each talk, engineers gather to solve the globe’s most complex data problems using the most freely available, industry-tested technology database. While the rest of the world continues to build data systems with flint and sticks, DUGTalks give innovators permission to build a software stack that never expires.

In other words…”big data”…”artificial intelligence”…”IoT” and even “cybersecurity” are not 3-year strategies. These idolized future states can be built overnight using one priority use case.
Each component of the stack can be secured with ease and accommodates any use case imaginable. At DUG, we deploy one component per talk. These components are free from all source and language constraints and have the potential to fuel the fastest, most accurate data provenance and governance. This significantly amplifies the value of any machine learning, or deep learning technology.

Many of our DUG members have worked with Fortune 500 companies to build these future states in a few short months. DUGTalks aim to give everyone access to the competitive advantage, the ability to build their own component stacks and reclaim rights to high value data.

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